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Dear customers ,

Our Hotel is now open and ready ready to welcome you in Livanates, offering you a safe and adaptable environment. For the safety of our staff and customers, we follow all the necessary procedures, faithfully implementing the Protocols and instructions of the World Health Organization, the Ministry of Tourism and EODY.

Below we provide you with all the necessary information for the prevention and safety measures that our hotel has already received.

STAFF : Our staff has been trained in e-learning courses (from where we have received certification of attendance of the seminar from Aegean College) in all Hygiene and Safety Protocols according to the instructions of EODY.


RECEPTION : The reception desk has a partition cover (Plexiglass) as well as a floor marking to observe the required distance from it.



ROOM KEYS : The keys of the rooms after each use are sterilized with the help of a special medical device for sterilization of medical instruments which operates with ultraviolet (UV-C) rays.


COMMON AREAS : All common areas (Reception, stairs, corridors) are cleaned and disinfected several times a day. The cleaning products used fully meet the specifications for complete removal of viruses and bacteria.


ROOMS : Hotel Rooms after each use are disinfected using UV-C lamps (which are scientifically proven to be the most effective method against viruses and bacteria) and then with cleaning products that meet the requirements for complete removal of viruses and bacteria


FREQUENT USE SURFACES : The frequency of cleaning surfaces such as railings and knobs with antibacterial and antiviral sprays, is now increasing as well as disposable bags are placed in TV and air conditioning controls.


HAND SANITIZERS : are available in all hotel common areas and rooms.

It is not allowed to enter the premises of the Hotel to non-residents.

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